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ASOR – American Schools of Oriental Research:

IAA – International Association for Assyriology:

SOTS – Society for Old Testament Study:

BNTS – British New Testament Society:

EABS – European Association of Biblical Studies:

AOS – American Oriental Society:

BANEA – British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology:

DOG – Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft:

SBL – Society of Biblical Literature:

SBL list of other relevant organizations and regular panels:

BASR – British Association for the Study of Religion:

AAR – American Academy of Religion:

BISI – British Institute for the Study of Iraq:

AIAS – Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society:

PEQ – Palestine Exploration Fund:

ISAANES – Israel Society for Assyriology and Ancient Near East Studies:

SEPOA – La Société pour l’étude du Proche-Orient ancien:

IOSCS – International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies:

ISDCL – International Society for Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature:

AJS – Association for Jewish Studies:

BAJS – British Association for Jewish Studies:

EAJS – European Association for Jewish Studies:

LSA – Linguistic Society of America: